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Corinne and Andy Bullick
Monica and Steve Brandner

About Us

Andy Bulllick  
  • Education

    • Blaine High School, Minnesota, 1998

    • University of Wisconsin-Stout, Industrial Technology, 2002 

  • Interests

    • Owner of Bullick Roofing, LLC, established 2008. Now co-owner of Brandner and Bullick Roofing 

    • Married to Corinne Bullick

    • When Andy is not roofing he enjoys spending time with his wife, fishing, hunting and breaking things that Steve fixes!

Steve Brandner
  • Education

    • Juneau Douglas High School, 1979

    • Oregon Tech, Structural Engineering, 1983

      • Oregon Tech Basketball Team

  • Interests

    • Owner of Brandner and Brandner Roofing since 1987 and now co-owner of Brandner and Bullick Roofing.

    • Married to Monica Brandner

    • When not roofing, Steve enjoys his two grandchildren, going to Haines, and building or fixing various things that his friends pawn off on him

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